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What Dating as a Christian Woman Online Feels like?

Women have a hard time when picking suitors is in question. It has been like this since forever. As a Christian woman, you need to be even pickier, because not everyone lives by the great words of the Lord.

As coronavirus started ruling our society, it’s hard going out and meeting new people. Even cafés are closed and there’s no chance for us to meet someone amazing. Everyone’s locked in their homes and wait for the crisis to be over. See more about dating during Covid looks like here.

Staying at home opens a new opportunity, though. The opportunity of meeting people online. It’s different than traditional dating, but it’s still something that might fill up the wasted time. The coronavirus has been around for a year now, and it’s only normal that people are trying to get back to their old lives.

What is online dating?

Online dating is providing some truly interesting possibilities, especially for women. Just like in real life, men on the internet are not shy to approach and start a conversation. On the internet, this happens even more often than outside.

Registering on specialized pages and apps means creating a profile and becoming available for others who are looking for something similar. The only issue is, what are they looking for, and are you sharing a similar idea of online dating.

Join Christian dating sites only

As a Christian, you want the people you meet to have the same understanding as you do. That means joining a Christian dating app. See this webpage for some of them. Joining some of these popular pages means going into a funnel of people that will provide results you will like.

This is why you should only register on specialized pages that are made for Christians. On these pages, people who are not devoted to their faith or are from different religions will not be allowed. Even if they do get in, they won’t get any action when they say that they practice something else.

Write exactly what you’re looking for

When you first log on to a particular network, you should set up your own profile. The profile almost always consists of an image, general information about yourself, and some additional information about your interests.

It’s crucial for you to highlight exactly what you are looking for on this platform you’re registered. If you’re just looking for dating, let everyone know. If you’re looking for a person to get married with, they must be aware of it.

This information will tell everyone why you are here. People from the other side of the screen will feel the same. They don’t want to waste their time with users who are not on the same page with them. When you highlight what you’re looking for, and they do the same, the game becomes much easier.

Don’t waste time with men who aren’t texting back

Everyone should follow this advice. Don’t waste your time with people who are not texting back, no matter how much you like them. There must be a reason why they are not doing it. Whatever this reason be, you shouldn’t be the one that will explore it.

They might have someone else or are too busy doing something else. If they like you, they’ll leave everything aside and find time for you. Men don’t know how to play hard to get. If they don’t text you back, they aren’t worth your attention.

Give people a chance

At the same time, it’s smart to give people a chance. If someone seems like not the most interesting person in the world or has a picture that isn’t very promising about their looks, you should still give them a chance.

You’re not going to date or marry this person virtually. Yes, the first impression is on the internet, but you’ll still meet this person and spend time with him outside the apps, websites, and the internet.

They might show themselves as highly interesting and fun. Not everything that is written online is going to be exactly the same outside the app. So, give people a chance and see what happens. You should jump into bed with everyone that says hi, but be open-minded, and see what will happen.

Test drive the app and pay only for the best

Almost no app and no webpage will give you a lifetime of free access to their network. Some of them are sharing their access for three days, others for a week, and some even a month. Rarely will you see someone go for more.

You can’t spend money on all of these, but you can try their trial option. Test drive them all. See what they offer and how interesting they are. Join only those that will give you a good vibe, and you’ll feel most at home with them. Meeting people on some of them might help too, of course. See the importance of trials here:

Don’t share everything upfront

If you want to snatch the best person on the platform, you should play smart. Don’t let everything you have right away. Instead, share your interests, what you like in partners, what is your vision of the future, but make sure you have something to say during your dates outside the platform.

Drop a line that would be, “I’ll tell you more when we have coffee”. This is an excellent way to show someone you’re interested in, and it saves the moment of additional surprise that will make people surprised at how amazing a person you are.


The points from above share a few tips on what you can do for proper dating on the internet as a woman. It’s not easy being a woman in the dating world, no doubt. There are lots of things that you must be aware of.

Still, it may be fun. Millions of people got together through these apps, so you might be another one that will get lucky. You lose nothing if you try and find out for yourself.