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Number One Monstercock in the World

Once upon a time, there was a young prince called Richard in a land far away.

Richard was a good boy. Kind and caring. He was reasonably handsome and was able to date quite a few girls.

But his date was always platonic. When Richard tried to take things to the next level, the girl was still turned to one of the Richards brothers.

Richard had five older brothers. Each one of them was a famous lover. The size of the cook was legendary. Girls always loved spending time with Richard but didn’t want to have sex with Richard. His brother’s reputation has always elicited their virginity.

Richard was unfortunate and frustrated. So on his 20th birthday when he was still a virgin, he could no longer take it. He visited a soothing man in the royal family.

“Hello, young prince. Pray, what do you want? Said the soother.

“I want the biggest cock in the big world, just like a girl wants to have sex with me,” Richard begged.

“Come on, young prince. Are you sure this is what you want? There’s no going back. You should take what you want.”

“Oh, yes, yes. I want it above all,” Richard eagerly replied.

“It’s okay, it’s done,” said a soothing proverb with a gentle hand on Richards’ head. Richard remained excited.

The next morning, Richard woke up at sunrise and immediately felt the weight between his legs. He stood up, stared at himself in the mirror and opened his mouth. His cock was huge. It came down almost to his knees, it was about as thick as his wrists, and it was lax. Richard was thrilled. He quickly got dressed and admired the massive bulge of his pants. Throughout the day, everyone stared at his bulge. Every girl he met saw him differently than before. They looked at him with hungry eyes. He invited such a beautiful girl to the banquet that night. She immediately agreed.

Richard picked up the girl from the castle’s parents’ dormitory. She was brilliant. The cutest girl he has ever dated. She wore a long flowing dress with lots of underskirts and a low cut front. Her cleavages were significant and fluttering with each exhalation. Her waist was small, and her buttocks and buttocks were big. He was as excited as ever.

They ate, danced and drank late at the banquet. At midnight Richard asked the girl, “Will you return to my sweet maiden quarter?”

“Oh yeah,” the beauty of overweight gushes. Richard was thrilled. This was the first time the girl returned to her room.

When they arrived in his room, he kissed her, undressed her and dropped it on the floor. She looked even more amazing when standing there standing naked in front of him. He didn’t waste time removing his pants. He was so excited that he was starting to stiffen. The girl gasped when she saw his massive member. Her eyes would not have been more full because she saw her eyes getting bigger and bigger.

Richard began to feel light. The bigger and harder the cock, the worse it felt. What Richard did not notice was that his cock was draining blood from the rest of his body. Richard fainted just before he was completely upright. There was too little blood circulating the rest of his body. Richard fell to the floor, but he remained upright.

The girl, who was so excited and so wet with expectations, was disappointed for a moment. But when Richards Cock was fainted and not softened, she said to her, “Oh my god, you don’t see that much every day. It’s a shame it’s wasted.” It was She climbed to Richard and sank into his monstercock. She first came almost immediately, and it extended her so broadly that she could hardly catch her breath. She could fit within her only about a third of its length. She spent time bouncing up and down on that huge cock. She came many times and was almost faint.

She finally got dressed and left when she finally had enough. Richard never knew she committed him while he died. He did not know that he technically lost his virginity. Over the next few weeks, Richard had a date as the word spread among the girls in the land. The next day he took a new girl in his room each night to the point where he was standing naked in front of him, before fainting to wake up alone.

Ten years later, Richard was still sad and frustrated and thought he was still a virgin. He didn’t know that for the past ten years, the girls who brought him to his dormitory every night for the past ten years were entertaining themselves with his cook when they were lying down. No man’s rooster has ever been among so many girls in the history of the land.

Richard regrets his decision to get the biggest cock in the land every day in his life. Every day, the girls of the kingdom thanked God’s cock.

He revisited the senator, but the only word he got was “I told you to be careful what you wanted, my prince.”