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How many online roulette wheels you can get to play on?

If you are new to the online roulette then there is one essential thing you need to pay attention on which is the wheel.

There are different kinds of wheels available on which you can play on and also you should try each and every one of them out because they will be going to help you in winning bigger payouts.

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It is the only reason why there are tons of varieties of roulette wheel online so that you can earn bigger amount than the ordinary casino. Play it right on your device and have fun.

Types of wheels

  1. European- In this you can place bets on 1-36 and also on the columns too which is really cool. The percentage of house edge will be 2.7%.
  2. American- It is also known as classic Vegas wheel in which the house edge percentage will be 5.26%. Play it and earn big.
  3. French- The best part about this is that if you lands on the zero then you will get half of your money back on the spot.
  4. Multi-ball- In this one there can be three balls at a single time of spin. Every ball will be going to count so make sure to try this one for sure.

Is it a good option to play on?

  1. More variety- It is like a more variety you will get to play on so make sure you are choosing the right wheel for your game.
  2. More big amount- you will get to earn more big amount on the more big wheel so make the decision wisely on it.
  3. Benefits- You will get different kinds of benefits on different wheel so you should make the decision accordingly and choose the one which suits you.