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I have been living with my wife’s parents for about 15 years.
My wife’s mother is 55 years old, but she looks very young.
It has fair skin, and the chest is big breasts of F cup.

My father-in-law is near the retirement age, but he is a working person.
There are many business trips, and I often do not stay at home. One day, I bought an aphrodisiac for my wife.

When I tried it with my wife while looking at the instructions, it was unexpectedly exciting, and I was more excited than usual.

After seeing such a wife, I wanted to use it for my mother-in-law.
During the daytime, my wife and children went out and had only two with my mother-in-law, so I put an aphrodisiac in juice and let my mother-in-law take it and watched it.

After 20 minutes, my mother-in-law’s cheeks began to blush.
I knew I was going to breathe. When I casually heard about it, my mother-in-law stood up and headed to the bathroom. If you listen in front of the toilet so that you can follow it

“What’s wrong? It’s weird. Ah.. here’s a jerk”, I found that I was clearly in heat.

My mother-in-law returned to the living room, but her eyes were moist, and she seemed restless, I imagined a mother-in-law’s nude and tried to erect it, My mother-in-law noticed that my crotch was getting bigger. I saw it flicker. Was my mother-in-law also the limit of patience?

“Let’s take a break in the room.”
I whispered to my room.

About an hour later, my mother-in-law started preparing dinner in the kitchen, so I thought of cleaning the bath and entered the dressing room, I looked into the washing machine and found that my mother-in-law’s underwear was in it.

When I picked up my horrifying panties and found them out, I found that the area around the pussy was wet.
I smelled it, enjoyed the odour of pee and the smell of female genitals, put it back in the washing machine, and started cleaning with a strange face, and My mother-in-law came into the dressing room like panicking.

“Did you clean? Excuse me.”

I didn’t say anything.

“I was a little sweaty… did you change your underwear?”
I was disguising the underwear in the washing machine.

Her slightly blushed face was another cute mother-in-law.
While passing next to my mother-in-law, I put my enlarged crotch on my hand and my mother-in-law’s hand, and when I saw my face for a moment, my mother-in-law crouched there.

In front of my mother-in-law’s face, I showed off my crotch with a tent that I could see from above my pants.
Mother-in-law turned away from her blushing face for a moment but immediately looked at her groin.

“I showed my embarrassing part to my mother-in-law…”
When you press your crotch,
, The mother-in-law grasped my crotch.
“Mother-in-law, please.”
When I said so, my mother-in-law took my pants down and held me.
I also forgot about an unexpected event and started rubbing my mother-in-law’s big tits.

When I took off my mother-in-law’s clothes, I was more flesh than I had imagined, and my stomach was starting to hang down.

Big boobs hung down like they couldn’t resist gravity, and when they opened their thighs, ass cheeks pulled the string, opened his mouth. It seemed to have been used for a long time, and it was dark black, and I was trying to hide the area with a lot of hair.

When I put my mother-in-law on the washing machine and inserted it from the back, it slipped into the inside and tightened tightly.
The slimy juice is overflowing and flowing down the thighs.
Unlike my wife, my mother-in-law was panting while the scent of a mature woman drifted.
While repeating the piston violently from the back, stretching the hand forward and stimulating the clitoris,

“Amazing!!” Said, mother-in-law began to quiver.

When I stimulated my clitoris more violently to make such a mother-in-law go to the climax, even more, it spewed a tide and a tide.

My mother-in-law culminated many times and fell on the spot, probably because the medicine was working.

When I gave a large amount of semen to my mother-in-law, I swore that I would be my whore while cleaning it with my mother-in-law’s mouth.

After that, my mother-in-law was absorbed entirely in sex addicts, stealing my family’s eyes and wanting my cock.

Even though my father-in-law is there, my mother-in-law has been able to do no underwear or masturbate without going against me.
Every day I enjoy playing with my mother-in-law.