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Inspirational Movie To Help Remind Why You Teach

When it comes to truly inspirational movies, there is a lot to learn from them. With platforms like AHA, individuals of all ages can check out online watch movies without any issues. The platform has many inspirational movies. But there is one that has become pretty popular among the movie buffs. The movie is:


Johar is an anthology drama, which directed by Marni Teja Chowdhury and produced by Ram Vamsi Krishna. This movie’s characters are portrayed by Esther Anil, Chaitanya Krishna, Naina Ganguly, Subhalekha Sudhakar, Ankith Koyya and Easwari Rao. Priyadarshan Balasubramanian composes the music. The Jagadeesh Cheekati took up his role as the cinematographer. The film is produced under the production company Dharma Surya Pictures and edited by Siddharth Thatholu and Anwar Ali. It has been voted one of the best Telugu movies online, and the OTT platform AHA distributes it.

Movie Plot

 Johar is a movie that tells five different stories. A young CM wants to build a statue of his late father, and a widowed woman whose daughter’s health condition is not good. A young girl wishes to become an athlete, an older man who runs an orphanage, and a young girl who absconds with a chaiwala. To honour his father and gain sympathy from the public, the young CM stops all the funds for the old widow, the scholarship that young girl, funds for that aspiring athlete, loan for that chaiwala, and funds for the hostel. Finally, all of them meet their demise. A journalist who describes each of their stories to the young CM tells him that he is accountable for their deaths. In the end, the CM with guilty opens the statue in the summit.

 The best thing about the film

 The biggest plus of this movie is the emotions. They have been provided in the right areas, and the emotional angle did well until the end of the movie. The first four stories of the movie are connected flawlessly with the main plot. The cast had done a wonderful job when it came to portraying their respective characters. The social message, which was displayed within the movie, was excellent.

 Eswari Rao and veteran actor Subhalekha Sudhakar did justice their roles and filled up the screen with their touching performance. Chaitanya Krishna’s meaty performance as the ingenious and sharp politician was superb. The new actress, Esther Anil, gave a neat performance. The biggest surprise was Naina Ganguly, who is well-known for her glamorous. But she took a different turn and played the role of an athlete perfectly.

 Technical aspect

 Director Mari Teja Chowdhury is a brilliant job with the casting. He extracted out a solid performance from each of the cast members. None of them appeared to be acting forcibly. Teja is an exceptional talent and has an excellent grip on shot-making and emotions, which were impressive. The dialogues were meaningful, and each of the songs matched perfectly with the narrative.

 The verdict 

 Johar is a 122 minutes long emotional drama that comes with a fantastic premise. It delivers a direct satire on numerous political parties. It tells how the politicians ignore all the public welfare a think only about their plan. You can watch this movie on AHA, and all you need to do is make an account before you stream it. There are many Latest Telugu movies online for you on aha app.