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Apple's Design and Development Process

Apple products are finely manufactured. There is no equal to these products. By producing quality products they have achieved the height of 1$ trillion business. The designer has to learn many designs and concept from apple products and apply them in various products to create a new variety of models to the market. The high trick in their manufacture is that outside men can’t able to know the technology of the working model. They kept it as a highly confidential matter. It maintains the business and uses the symbol NASDAQ AAPL at


To design Apple products, there is a team working under the chief design officer (CDO). They were given full freedom to design the product nobody doesn’t have any right to disturb them. They were given money which they wanted to use it. There is no restriction to use the money. This freedom gives the designer a great impact to create such excellent products now and then.

The designer team will work separately from other employees of apple because if they get mingled there will be a distraction in their business. So the designer work is meant only to design the products in the best outcome.

Development Process

Once the design gets completely over then it is handed over to the team of developers. The team gets the Apple New Product Process (ANPP) and they start to work on the design. They check thoroughly the designs of the products, they will decide how to execute the plan up to the stage of delivery. Every Monday they have a review meeting on the development or the manufacturing of the products. They check from design to the outcome. The executive team will focus on the development process to run the business properly. They won’t rush the people to make it quickly. They take new product once the older product gets completed. The program manager and global supply manager join hands to form an EPM Mafia. They give their contract to china’s outstanding company like to give the cost as low as possible. EPM has to check regularly the products are finished well and then the next order is getting ready for purchase. They have to verify whether the products reach the market at a right time. To finish a complete product, the design team takes the time of four weeks to six weeks. Then they do the process of testing, once it gets over then the product will come out for business. The apple products are costly but they maintain the quality of the product as apt to the price. They are investing more in design to get new quality products to give the best and incredible products to human society. Before stock trading, you can check other stock like nasdaq riot at